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Part 3 of Tour de North: Philly eats!

Last stop on our 7 day jaunt between three states! We spent a few days in and out of philly at some really cool places.

Our first stop was to the Reading Terminal Market. This was the day that I woke up and felt like crap, so all I wanted was soup. I wish I could have spent more time and tried something different than what I got, but all I wanted was something comforting!

 I had a matzo ball soup and broccoli knish. The matzo ball soup base was delish, but the matzo ball itself wasn’t great–I was very disappointed; however, how can one mess up a matzo ball? The broccoli knish was awesome!  Jon had a philly cheese steak that was sub-par. He was curious to see how that philly ranked to Pat’s (which we had planned to visit within the days to come).
We walked around the city making it to the liberty bell right before it closed;however, we weren’t able to go in so we were only able to see it through the glass. After our expedition around town we met Paul’s girlfriend Sofia for a drink and bite to eat at Ladder 15. What a cool place! It was an old firehouse that was transformed into a restaurant/bar.
We arrived during the start of happy hour and were able to take advantage of some great deals! The guys and Sofi had blue moon beers for $2 each, while I enjoyed a Cherry Water Ice Martini that normally retails for $10 each for just $4! This cocktail was made up of 3 Olives Cherry, Lemonade, Served with cherry pop rock garnish!!! It came to the table popping! It was great! Although it didn’t really soothe my sore throat it took my mind off of it for a little while! We also ordered the Crab & Corn Hush Puppies which were awesome and an order of Sweet Potato Pierogi’s which unfortunately they were out of, so we settled on some edname which had more salt that edname to them!
The following day was New Year’s Eve, and we made it to Philly a little on the late side. It had snowed that day so we got to play in the snow and have a tiny snow ball fight before we headed to eat dinner.
Paul took us to the most amazing eclectic restaurant, The Side Car Bar & Grill, and by far we had the best food of our whole trip here!

We all agreed to share two appetizers since both sounded amazing.
We ordered the fries otherwise known as…. (crab fries), and Paul & Sofia ordered the fried macaroni & cheese which was paired with a tomatoe compote. Both were trully amazing, and I could have easily made this my dinner alone!
Paul & Sofia split the special of the evening a lobster roll. Jon tried there seafood pot pie while I indulged in the Oven Roasted Chicken! Both dishes were amazing!!!
After we left the Side Car we hauled a taxi to the Black Sheep Pub where we ringed in the new year.  Sofia’s brother, Vic, reserved the basement for all of his friends and family, and negotiated to have an open bar for 3 hours for only $39 per person!

By the end of the night let’s just say everyone indulged a little too much in the open bar!

The next morning we all woke up a bit hung-over… some more than others. My cousin treated us to a lovely breakfast of eggs and toast. I had my normal egg whites but for everyone else he made mushroom, salsa, and feta omlette’s. Jon still can’t get over how much a like my cousin and I are. He too has always had a love for cooking!
As we all ate our breakfast we watched the mummers parade on tv. Since it was being filmed only a few blocks away from Sofia’s apartment we all decided to get dressed and go check it out. After we watched a little bit of the parade we decided to head over to Pat’s King of Steak’s to have the coveted philly cheese steak. Even on New Year’s day they still had a line!

Ordering at this place felt a bit like the “soup natzi” from an episode of Seinfeld. Of course the sign is posted right before you get up to the window, so for us virgin’s it was a bit intimidating. My poor husband didn’t even get what he wanted! lol… he wanted mushroom and peppers with his and he just got steak and whiz! lol…. The proper way to order is “pepper steak WIT provolone” the WIT=onions WIT OUT= no onions. I went with the provolone since that’s about the only real cheese I can handle!
Somehow i was able to snap this photo while ordering… the other odd thing is that you purchase your cheese steaks in one window and soda’s and fries at another window. If I had known that I would have sent Jon to the other window. By the time I got my cheesesteak and then fries and a drink my food was cold…. Everything is outside and on that particular day it was about 20 degrees out!

My husband was freezing and delirious at this point! Both of our cheese steaks were amazing minus being cold! Next time we would like order a cheese steak from each of the steak joints to compare. I guess that will be on our next trip back when it’s not the winter!
All in all we had a great trip and got to have some amazing food and build amazing memories!

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