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Foodie Travels: Boston, Massachusetts

Two week’s ago I was asked on the spur of the moment to travel for work! The following day I boarded my plane and I was off to Boston, Massachusetts! Because of the short notice I had very little time to research about the best food spots in Boston! I met up with some co-workers who work in the city and picked there brains about the best places to eat… not only the best places, but the most unique places! I was lucky enough to visit some great places in such a short amount of time.

The first day that I arrived in Boston I met up with some co-workers who showed me around our office and then took me for a nice walk in the city. We had lunch at McGreevy’s which is dubbed as “America’s First Sports Bar”. It was chilly outside {for me}, and I wanted something warm and hearty–I opted for the Shepherds Pie. The pie was filled with delicious ground beef, roasted vegetables, and gravy; and topped with horseradish and cheddar mashed potatoes! This was probably one of the best Shepherds Pie I’ve ever had.

That evening I dined at Brasserie Jo (french cuisine) with all of my coworkers. Because there were so many of us we had a prie fixed menu. 
Everyone dined on multiple loaves of fresh french baguettes and marinated carrots. I had shrimp cocktail, a Boston Bibb à la Française salad, followed by Grilled Lemon Chicken Paillard, and to end a delicious evening with an Apple Tarte Tatin.

The next day for lunch I wanted something quick and tasty and stumbled across Tossed! They have a few locations around the United States, and they specialize in crepe wraps! 
I had the Blackened Chicken Crepe Wrap; blackened chicken, avocado, black bean corn salsa, tortilla strips and romaine hearts and I opted for the buttermilk ranch dressing. I added on a cup of there homemade tomato vegetable soup. 

This was probably one of the best wraps of my life. If you see a Tossed while traveling it’s totally worth stopping in and enjoying a decadent crepe wrap! Way better than any ordinary wrap around! 

On my second evening out I went with a coworker to the historic Beacon Hill neighborhood in Boston. The neighborhood is lined with rowhouses and has gas-lit street lamps and brick sidewalks.  We decided to eat at a cute little Italian restaurant called Artú. I was drawn to it immediately since a large window sat on the side walk that overlooked the kitchen. 

{This is a view from outside the restaurant looking into the kitchen.}
Tons of fresh veggies and pastas lined the tables. I knew this had to be a great place to eat dinner, and I was definitely correct on that assumption!  

After debating back and forth for a good 10 minutes on what to eat; I went with the waitresses recommendation. Fusilli con Broccoli Rapi e Gamberi. A cork screw pasta with broccoli rapi, shrimp, garlic, and evoo. It was beyond delicious–the shrimp cooked perfectly, the pasta al dente, and the sauce was light and flavorful! 

After dinner we decided to walk to a few of the local shops. 
One of the places that caught my eye was Beacon Hill Chocolates
These chocolates were little works of arts. Each truffle ranged in price from $2.50-$4 and can even be ordered online and shipped directly to your door step. Of course I couldn’t resist purchasing a few truffles to take home. One of the truffles I purchased was a dark chocolate and sweet potato truffle. The pumpkin spice and sweetness of the potato helped even out the decadent dark chocolate flavor.
Another truffle I purchased was the truffle in the box pictured above (bottom middle). A miniature pumpkin pie with white chocolate on top and milk chocolate on the bottom filled with a pumpkin puree. It was fabulous!!!

I also couldn’t resist a brownie lollypop! I’m a sucker for all things caramel/chocolate so I opted for the caramel brownie. I ate it the next day on the plane ride home. Oh-my, was this the most amazing soft ooey-gooey brownie I’ve ever consumed. I enjoyed each and every bite, and was wishing it would multiply as the pieces decreased. 

Sadly, I did not make it to Trader Joe’s! Although, I passed by it and saw it multiple times during the long weekend I was in Boston; I never had an extra 30 minutes to browse the aisles of this coveted market! 

I hope you enjoyed my foodie adventures in Boston. If someone would have asked me a few weeks ago if I would be doing a “foodie travels” blog post I would have probably laughed at them! So thankful I was sent to Boston for work. I got to consume some amazing and unique to Boston meals! 
*side note… I did not bring my DSLR with me therefore the picture quality is not he greatest! 

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2 Responses to “Foodie Travels: Boston, Massachusetts”

  1. Sourkraut posted on December 1, 2010 at 2:13 pm (#)

    I like the way you travel! It's all about the food. Everything looks yummy but those chocolates really caught my eye. Sweet potato truffle? Yes, please!

  2. Handy Man, Crafty Woman posted on December 3, 2010 at 4:43 am (#)

    oh man, there is some awesome food in Boston! We live a bit over an hour from Boston, but we don't get down there enough…such great food! This makes me want to go back and find more awesome stuff to eat! 🙂

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