Enjoy Labor Day “Greek-Style”

Greek Grilled Dinner

Last week, I shared three easy-to-make recipes to create a Greek-Style bbq that your friends and family will love this Labor Day weekend! I like to go out of the box when it comes to celebrating warm weather holidays. I don’t always crave hamburgers and hot dogs. For 4th of July we celebrated by eating grilled chopped chicken tacos and a cherry tomato, corn, and black bean salad. This labor day we will be “eating out-of-the-box” as well… Greek style! Here are three easy dishes to make your meal complete!

Greek Pasta Salad

greek pasta salad

I made this pasta salad the day before I made my meal. It gave the pasta time to cool after cooking and married the vegetables with the simple dressing created.

Grilled Greek Chicken Strips

grilled greek chicken strips

The day of your BBQ whip together these healthy grilled chicken strips. If your kids don’t like feta… leave it off. Do a batch with and without feta!

Grilled Greek Corn on the Cob

grilled greek corn on the cob

Place the corn on the opposite side of the grill while the chicken is cooking. Upon removing your corn from the grill sprinkle with feta and dill and remaining butter mixture!

As you can see this meal is super easy to make and best of all it is using simple ingredients and bold flavors. A recipe for success to woo over your friends and family!

Don’t forget about dessert… serve up this delicious Angel Lush Cake. Buy a store bought angel food cake to save you time and your oven from working!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Labor Day Weekend!



  1. A Greek style Labor Day sounds very tempting. I may just have to do it! I love it.

  2. What a feast, I’m loving that pasta. Happy labor day to you :)

  3. It all sounds wonderful, especially the chicken and corn. Yum!!

  4. I got my GORGEOUS Le Creuset pots! I washed them right up and put them in my cupboard to admire them. Now I am ready to get cooking with them this week! Thank you!

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