{Google Hangout} Drinks with Nutmeg Nanny!

I’ve shared a few adult beverage recipes on Katie’s Cucina, and its my goal this year to share a lot more. I love to have a drink on the weekend yet am a horrible mixologist. I will say that I’m getting much better! Earlier this week, Christine from Cook the Story and I chatted with Brandy from Nutmeg Nanny about none other than drinks! We talked about what inspires us to create a drink, how to mix a drink, and drink trends among a wide variety of other things. Watch our Google Hangout On Air to watch what we talked about!

So do you have a favorite drink? After all, tomorrow is America’s favorite day to drink… St. Patrick’s Day. Regardless if you are Irish for some reason Americans love to drink on this day. I am definitely guilty of this, too! Earlier this week, I shared the recipe for my Guinness Floats. This is an easy drink/dessert anyone can make.



  1. Y’all are adorable! I’m a bit scared of the google hangouts, but you guys did fabulously.

    • Thanks Jackie… don’t be scared. You’ve done television… this is nothing! You should join us once your book is out!

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