Skillet Mexican Chicken & Rice

Skillet Mexican Chicken & Rice from

Looking for an easy one pot meal? You know I love Mexican food, and I’ve done it again, just when I thought I couldn’t make a better Mexican dish. I made this one-pot skillet Mexican Chicken & Rice dish. The chicken is cooked in the skillet and then removed followed by a nice saute of veggies like poblano peppers. The rice is then added in, and its pure heaven. I ultimately wanted to make a risotto, but it didn’t work out that night since I didn’t have any arborio rice on hand.

Skillet Mexican Chicken & Rice from

The chopped chicken on top with broiled melty cheese is to die for! I placed the skillet on the table and we helped our selves to dinner that night. I paired this one-pot skillet Mexican chicken & rice recipe with my favorite classic guacamole recipe and my homemade salsa. We chowed down on dinner and took breaks in between bites to fill up our tortilla chips with more guac and salsa.

Skillet Mexican Chicken & Rice from KatiesCucina.comAlthough I’m not an advocate for turning your oven on during the summer months, this dish is really worth it in the end. Just a few minutes in the broiler and your house shouldn’t heat up that much.

Head over to Food Fanatic for my recipe: Skillet Mexican Chicken & Rice: A Weeknight Winner! 


  1. Yum, this looks so good, Katie! a satisfying meal for sure :)

  2. Looks delicious! I love one pot meals!

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