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Sheet Pan Greek Shrimp Dinner

Looking for a fresh and wholesome dinner? Try my recipe for Sheet Pan Greek Shrimp Dinner ready in less than a half hour or an easy dinner tonight.

Sheet Pan Greek Shrimp Dinner

I’m starting to get the hang of this juggling two kids thing. I’ve learned that in order to get dinner on the table on time for dinner I need to start dinner around 4:00. That gives me a good hour of prepping and getting dinner in the oven before my husband is home and my toddler is hangry. But some days we all take late naps or I get tied up with dirty diapers and a fussy baby. So that’s where a quick one pan meal comes in to play! I’ve started experimenting with more one pan meals and I’m excited to share my Sheet Pan Greek Shrimp Dinner. It’s done from start to finish in under thirty minutes!

Sheet Pan Greek Shrimp Dinner

I use frozen shrimp that are already peeled and deveined. I let them thaw out in the fridge. I use green beans that are already trimmed and pre-washed (its another trick of mine). Do a quick rinse of the tomatoes and chop the garlic. Then I place it all in a bowl (including the olives) drizzle with a little olive oil and a little Cavender’s All Purpose Greek Seasoning. I love this seasoning. I use it on everything. I’ve used it on my Grilled Greek Pork Tenderloin recipe and my cucumber tomato and feta salad. It’s one of my favorite seasonings! I also add in chopped dill stems and toss everything around and then lay it on a baking sheet. I spread everything around and then do an additional sprinkling of the Greek seasoning and a little dried oregano. Then in the oven it goes.

Sheet Pan Greek Shrimp Dinner

I like to cook this sheet pan meal at a high temp to really blister the tomatoes and green beans. Surprisingly the shrimp is not overcooked at this high temp for the amount of time. While the meal cooks I make a batch of white rice (sometimes I have cooked rice in the freezer, I just defrost in the microwave and it saves me a good 15-ish minutes). I like to serve this on top of rice. Once the one pan meal is done cooking I sprinkle additional fresh dill and crumbled feta on top.

Sheet Pan Greek Shrimp Dinner

Scoop rice on to plates and then divide the shrimp and veggies on top of each plate. Easy as that, dinner is served. The bowl I tossed the meal in and the sheet pan (plus the plates and silverware that we ate on). I’m all about simplifying meals these days and making not only delicious but easy meals to have in my back pocket. These are great to have when I don’t feel like cooking or just simply want something easy to make. If your trying to simplify your dinner time routine I invite you to try my Sheet Pan Greek Shrimp Dinner.

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