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Corkscrew Veggie Chickpea Soup

Looking for a healthy and filling summer time soup? Try my recipe for chickpea vegetable soup. This soup is packed full of vegetables and protein.

Corkscrew Veggie Chickpea Soup

It’s so hot and yet why would I be posting a soup recipe? Because I keep my house at a cool 76 and I still fill the need to enjoy a bowl of soup a few times a week. Yes, I’m still making my weekly pot of soup. I like to think of this soup as a “summer soup”. It’s packed full of vegetables and isn’t as heavy as some of the more stew like soup I tend to make in the winter months. Even after a hot sweaty workout outside I’m still enjoying a warm bowl of soup for lunch (and a cold crunchy salad to go along with it).

OXO Julianne Slicer

Another thing I try to do when making my weekly pot of soup is make the pot in 30 minutes or less. I can achieve a slow cooked taste by sweating the vegetables in a little bit of chicken broth for a good 5 minutes or so. It softens them quickly and helps put the soup together in under 30 minutes. I like to prep all my veggies at once to cut down on the prep time. Having them prepped and ready to go is the key to making a quick meal. I also like using my OXO Hand-Held Julienne Slicer for this soup. That’s how I cut the squash so thin and it cooks so quickly. While my soup cooks I typically make a flatbread for my son and I (and if it’s the weekend for my husband too). I love this Prosciutto Mozzarella and Asparagus Naan Flatbreads, it compliments this soup recipe perfectly.

Corkscrew Veggie Chickpea Soup

After I’m done enjoying my lunch I divide the remaining soup into small containers so that I can quickly reheat and enjoy the soup all week long. And on nights that dinner is a little late on the table and I have cranky people pestering me and asking when is dinner I serve a small bowl of soup to hold them over. It works like a charm every time!

Corkscrew Veggie Chickpea Soup

If you’re a soup lover I think your going to love this chickpea vegetable soup. Even in the dog days of summer—everyone can use a little comfort in a bowl.

Disclaimer: I’m a paid contributor for Food Fanatic. This recipe was created for them. As always all opinions are my own. 


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