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Giveaway Winner & Lemon Pepper Panko Sea Scallops

Last week I announced that I was hosting a fabulous giveaway. Not just any giveaway, but for a chance to win a box of the brand new Progresso Lemon Pepper Panko Crispy Bread Crumbs And an autographed copy of Michael Chiarello’s brand new cookbook; Bottega! All I asked was that you answer one simple question:
What type of dish would you create with Progresso Lemon Pepper Panko?
We had 12 fabulous entries. Most sticking to breading fish to make fish sticks or chicken. Which is totally acceptable and two meals that I plan on cooking up in the near future, but one entry shined through the rest.
And the winner is… 
Although I’m not a fan of salmon, I was intrigued by salmon meatloaf. Who knew? I guess others would know whom consume salmon, but since neither myself nor my husband enjoy salmon I don’t cook it –therefore I’ve never heard of salmon meatloaf! If you go here Ann Marie has a Salmon & Spinach meatloaf recipe! Ann Marie, I hope you’ll post about a revamped version with lemon pepper panko! Or ANY recipes you create with this new box of deliciousness!

Congrats again to Ann Marie at White House, Black Shutters for winning this fabulous giveaway. Please email me at katiescucina{at}gmail{dot}com with your mailing address to receive your prize!

Now on to the recipe… 
Lemon Pepper Panko Sea Scallops

After looking all over the Progresso site, browsing websites, reading the lemon pepper panko box I decided to come up with my version of Lemon Pepper Panko Sea Scallops. Partly decided at the grocery store as a stood inline in front of the seafood counter. I noticed sea scallops were on sale. I was tempted to bake a fish, but decided for scallops instead (later to find out after 8 years of being together that my husband hates sea scallops?). I knew I didn’t want to fry them that I wanted to bake them… so a little of this and that… they cooked up exactly how I had imagined in my head and were delicious (even mister I-hate-sea-scallops liked them)! 

Prep: 5 minutes

Cook: 20 minutes
Serves: 2


  • 16 or 1/2lb Sea Scallops
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 1/2 cup lemon pepper panko
  • 1/4 cup parmesan cheese
  • salt & pepper


1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. 

2. Melt butter in microwave. Add one tablespoon of butter to a glass dish. With a paper towel rub the butter around the bottom of the dish. 
3. In a shallow bowl combine panko, parmesan cheese, and remaining butter (add salt and pepper to taste if desired). Mix well until the butter has incorporated throughout the panko mixture. 
4. Rinse sea scallops, then individually place a sea scallop in the panko mixture patting on the panko. Once the sea scallop has been evenly coated place it in the baking dish. Repeat this step until all the sea scallops have been coated. *If you have any remaining panko leftover you can sprinkle some on top of the scallops in the baking dish. 
5. Place the baking dish in the oven; cook for 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes have passed then place your broiler on low (if applicable if not just place the broiler on), and cook for 5 minute or until golden brown (make sure you don’t burn them). 
*I served mine with parmesan mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. 


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