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{Google Hangout} Finding Balance

Whether you are a blogger or not everyone needs to find balance in their life. This is the first topic that Christine from Cook the Story and I talked about that wasn’t centered 100% around food. I think finding balance in life is a struggle that everyone tries to maintain. We spoke Kim from Cravings of a Lunatic about finding balance. We all shared ways we are trying to find balance. Watch our chat to learn more.

I mentioned during the chat that I had a real ah-ha moment while traveling through Europe. I was disconnected from what seemed like the world and had my husbands full undying attention. I can’t tell you how many times he has asked me to put down my phone and talk, or eat dinner together, or even while he is driving and I’m sitting in the passenger seat. I’ve learned over the past few months that there is a time and place to check email and do social media. At times I think I’m addicted, but then I know I can walk away and the world won’t come to an end. Europe taught me that. I’m not going to lie. When I wrote about my time in Barcelona I started twitching after day 3 of no internet. During that trip though I also realized that I need to take more time to unplug and enjoy with family and friends. Some weekends I’ll find myself glued to my computer all weekend: editing photos, writing post, social media, etc. That is not healthy. Not healthy for me. Not healthy for my husband or any of my family and friends. So I’ve been easing off and if I don’t get a blog post up when I wanted it to go live I’m not having a mental breakdown. I know the world will go on. This is hard for any blogger to do. Especially someone who has 2 blogs (like me). Remember, I also manage a DIY blog called Sew Woodsy. That blog recently has not received as much TLC and I’m ok with that. I only have so much time in my day and that is just how it is going to be.

So when I’m trying to find balance I also like to write lots of notes. Number my priorities and know that the world won’t end if I don’t complete everything on my list that day.

I also like to meal plan for the week. I prep vegetables on a Sunday: chopping and dicing onions, peppers, garlic, etc. I also make fruit salads for the week so that we have them ready for us to take to work in the morning.

I also like to try to make lunch the night before. That way we are less stressed and rushed in the morning.

A few of these food tricks have helped me continue to stay balanced in the kitchen.

Do you struggle with finding balance? If so, what are some of your tips?


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5 Responses to “{Google Hangout} Finding Balance”

  1. Amy posted on January 27, 2013 at 1:38 am (#)

    This is an interesting post,sometimes I find I am too much with the blog.though it is a hobby,I dont want to spend much time on it.Now I plan my blog posts ahead,so I have some free time and my blog is still active…
    If I talk about my cooking,I also cook at night including next day lunch,also some preparations for breakfast.I have a menu plan for a week which includes few new recipes,so I can use them for blog posts…I used to clean and pack meat,fish etc separately in freezer…So,it is easier when I cook,I don’t want to thaw all the quantity,but a small portion.

    • Katie replied on January 27th, 2013 at 10:07 am

      Amy great tips! I try to schedule out my post as best as possible and cook extras at night as well!

  2. Tasty Chomps posted on January 28, 2013 at 10:08 pm (#)

    My tip is to shut the internet off when things get too hectic 😀

  3. addie | culicurious posted on January 30, 2013 at 7:34 am (#)

    Balance is a tricky thing. For high performing/high achieving people, it can be hard to come by. I’ve started to try to stop checking social media, email by 8pm and read a book or magazine. But definitely by 9pm, no more electronic devices. My husband and I spend that last hour before bed hanging out, talking or just falling asleep early sometimes. It really helps to ease out of the day and makes sleeping easier too.

    • Katie replied on January 31st, 2013 at 8:38 pm

      Addie I so need to take your advice and do this. Some nights I’m glued to the computer for hours. I like the 9:00 rule and I’m off all electronics (of course not on Tuesday nights when I have G+ Hangouts)!

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