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{Google Hangout} Flexitarianism

Two weeks ago, Christine from Cook the Story and I spoke with Angela from Seasonal and Savory  about Flexitarianism. I consider myself a flexitarian, so I was excited to talk with Angela about the topic. You may wonder what Flexitarianism is… Basically, its a person who eats meat in moderation. Whether its for dietary reason, personal taste, or beliefs. I’ve been a flexitarian my entire life. I’ve talked about this before, but as a kid I would not eat traditional foods that kids indulge in like hot dogs, chicken strips, hamburgers, etc. Instead I enjoyed sides of steamed carrots, green beans, and mashed potatoes. I mean, come on… what kid doesn’t like their veggies. I know. I’m being totally sarcastic. I was a freak of nature at a young age.

As I got older, I began to eat meat periodically only when I was in the mood for it. Most of the meals I make in my house can be made with or without meat. I typically make some meat for my husband and I eat the vegetarian version.

I invite you to watch the video below, and learn the what and hows of Flexitarianism.

What I loved most about our talk was the fact that you don’t have to base every meal around a meat. Americans in particular are known to ask what are we having for dinner “chicken, beef, pork…”. Instead you should base your meal around what vegetables your having. I frequently tell my friends and family that you don’t need to eat a whole chicken breast at dinner. A true serving size of meat is only the size of the palm of your hand. And you definitely don’t have to eat it every day!

A few vegetarian/flexitarian recipes you might be interested in trying:

Polenta & Roasted Vegetable Pie

Polenta & Roasted Vegetable Pie: this is a great way to ease your family into eating more meatless meals. If you still have stuborn ones who refuse you can serve a chicken breast with this meal. Great flexitarain meal!

Pasta with Snap Peas, Basil, and Spinach

Pasta with Snap Peas, Basil, and Spinach: here is another great flexitarian meal. You can serve it as is or top this pasta with a few pieces of grilled chicken breast, shrimp, or even salmon!

Mushroom-Stuffed Poblanos from Seasonal & Savory

Mushroom En-chard-ladas from Seasonal & Savory

Lazy Girl’s Brussels Sprouts Gratin from Cook the Story

Garlicky Manchego Toast on Bean Soup from Cook the Story

Do you incorporate a few meatless meals a week? Do you have stubborn family members that think their meal isn’t complete without meat?



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2 Responses to “{Google Hangout} Flexitarianism”

  1. Rachael {SimplyFreshCooking} posted on November 6, 2012 at 11:18 am (#)

    I consider myself a flexitarian… or at least I used to! I thought it was just a person that doesn’t eat much meat, I didn’t know it was considered to be a person who mostly eats veggies and only a little meat. I used to base my meals entirely around meat, but mostly veggies and different proteins now.. like beans, cheese, etc…

    • Katie replied on November 6th, 2012 at 10:19 pm

      Very cool Rachael! Bacon is what holds me back from making the move! 😉

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