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{Google Hangout} Food Budget Tips

The other week, Christine from Cook the Story and I chatted with Laura from Small Wallet Big Appetite. We talked about her best food budget tips. Keeping our budgets under control can be challenging. Even more so, when you’re a food blogger. That’s why everything I blog about I have consumed for either breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or snacking!

Here are a few of my tips: I try to utilize the whole sale chains like Costco whenever I’m buying meat, veggies, or anything else that I might need. But, keep in mind. The key to getting the best deal at whole sale stores is to know your prices. I also utilizing local produce and meat markets, and of course still go to my everyday grocery store. So how does one keep a good grip on their food budget when you’re shopping at multiple places? My number one rule of thumb (and Laura’s too) is going to the grocery store with a list. I have an iPhone and ever since I switched to the dark side during the first generation phone I have used the free app “ShopShop“.

shopping list

I love this app and live by it daily. It is great because I always have my phone on me which means I always having my shopping list with me! I can continually add items to the list throughout the day if I think of something else we might need. Once you pick up the item you can cross it off your list. A little shake of your phone and it erases!

Did you watch last week’s talk on Flexitaranism? Well, if you didn’t, you might want too. As we all know the cost of meat is going up. This is the perfect opportunity to make adjustments to your diet and your budget! I can stretch 3 chicken breast into 2 dinners and with those 2 dinners I will have 2 additional servings each for lunch the next day! 3 chicken breast 8 servings… yep, I can do it! You don’t need one full chicken breast per meal.

Christine and I can’t wait to talk to Laura in 2013 about more food budget tips!

Do you have tips you want to share? I’d love to hear how everyone else handles their food budget! 



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One Response to “{Google Hangout} Food Budget Tips”

  1. Liz @ The Lemon Bowl posted on November 10, 2012 at 8:13 pm (#)

    Great advice!! And, you save so many calories by stretching a chicken breast into multiple meals. 🙂

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