Steak, Butter, Seasonings, Lemon, Oil, and Lobster

After cutting the legs off the lobster, flip it and cut down the middle of the lobsters shell all the way to the tail.

Pull open the shell, pulling the lobster meat up and over the shell. Place both tails on a lined baking sheet with a tablespoon of butter placed on the lobster meat.

Cook in the oven until the meat is no longer opaque in color, then baste with additional butter and squeeze lemon on top.

Preheat stove top, then pour oil over a pan. Season your steak while the oil warms up.

After placing garlic cloves within the pan, begin to sear each side of the steak. Once fully seared, place steak in oven to cook.

Once steak is done cooking, let it rest and add a tablespoon of butter on top.

Plate the steak and lobster together, serve with butter and a lemon wedge, and enjoy!