Lasagna Bolognese Roll-Ups

Easy Lasagna Bolognese Roll-Ups made in less than an hour from

10+ years ago I was introduced to lasagna roll-ups. I thought it was the coolest concept. Forget layering noodle beyond noodle–roll them and serve them individually instead. I mean it makes sense. I always hate when I don’t have a full box of pasta left–then I’m forced to go out and buy another box of pasta only to be stuck with a few remaining noodles for a recipe.

I believe I first saw lasagna roll-ups on an episode of Rachael Ray. She made lasagna roll-ups with a béchamel sauce, I followed the recipe to a tee, since this was back when I wasn’t making recipes quite my own yet. Thankfully, my family loved them. To put my lasagna roll-up making in perspective, this was back when I was in college and living at home! That’s how far lasagna roll-ups date back for me.

Easy Lasagna Bolognese Roll-Ups made in less than an hour from

I make lasagna roll-ups a few times each year. Probably quarterly, and when I do make them they are always chocked full of veggies. Never with meat. That’s just how I roll (no pun intended). I’m starting to make quite a few freezer meals in preparation for the little bambino’s arrival next month. I made a double batch of my bolognese sauce the other weekend. I portioned it out and saved 2 cups of sauce for me to use for lasagna. I had this crazy idea to make lasagna roll-ups and use my bolognese sauce instead of a traditional tomato sauce. Best of all, we only ate half the lasagna bolognese roll-ups, so I got to freeze the other half for the future when we are in need of a delicious and quick homemade meal!

Easy Lasagna Bolognese Roll-Ups made in less than an hour from

In less than an hour you can have a delicious homemade lasagna bolognese roll-ups. They are easy enough to make after a busy day at the office–I promise! Of course, serve it up with a salad and garlic bread.

Katie Original Recipe

Lasagna Bolognese Roll-Ups

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 25 minutes

Total Time: 45 minutes

Yield: 9

Lasagna Bolognese Roll-Ups


  • 9 Lasagna Noodles
  • 1 cup Ricotta Cheese
  • 4 oz Light Cottage Cheese
  • 1 tsp Italian Seasoning
  • 2 tsp garlic, minced
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper
  • 3 tbsp shredded parmesan
  • 3/4 cup shredded mozzarella, divided
  • 2 cups bolognese sauce


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Cook lasagna noodles according to package (10-12 minutes). Strain the noodles and rinse with cold water (placing a few ice cubs in the colander to help cool the noodles down quicker). Once the noodles are cooled down begin to pat dry them.
  3. In a square baking dish, apply cooking spray to pan then spread 1 cup of bolognese sauce.
  4. Using a medium-size bowl, place ricotta, cottage cheese, Italian seasoning, garlic, salt, pepper, shredded parmesan, and 1/4 cup shredded mozzarella. Mix until well incorporated.
  5. Take one sheet of lasagna noodle and place 3 tablespoons to 1/4 cup of cheese mixture on one end. Carefully begin to roll. Place the first roll-up seam side down in the baking dish. Repeat until all lasagna noodles and cheese mixture are used. Cover with remaining 1 cup of bolognese sauce.
  6. Bake with foil on top for 20 minutes. Then add the remaining 1/2 cup of shredded mozzarella to the top, bake with foil off for 5 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbly.


Have leftovers? Freeze in an airtight container for another meal!

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  1. Love lasagna, but for some reason never do roll ups. That needs to change!

  2. I’ve never thought of doing them in roll ups but next time I make a batch of bolognese I am going to save some for this.

  3. Love this!! I always make lasagna but never do roll ups..such a great idea!!

  4. We love rolled up lasagna. I’m digging this version.

  5. Those look adorable! And I’m sure it also makes a great freezer meal. Perfect to bring to a friend that is about to have a baby!

  6. I remember being introduced to rollups by Giada! This looks delicious Katie, gorgeous photographs!

  7. Rollin’ Rollin’ right into my mouth …

  8. Katie – love how easy this comes together. Great idea when you have some leftover bolognese sauce in the fridge!

  9. Oooooh, the cheese on these roll-ups is so tempting!!! Love it!!

  10. So fun! These would be great for my family. Thanks for the great recipe Katie!

  11. Can you believe I haven’t made lasagna roll ups yet??! This needs to be remedied!!!

    • They are so easy to make, Kayle! Make them ASAP and then freeze whatever you have leftover for another meal!

  12. I think this is an awesome idea. I used to do all sorts of stuffed shells, why not stuffed lasagna?!?

  13. I made these tonight, they were so yummy. Does anyone know the nutritional facts? … Just wondering, because there’s lots of cheeses lol.

    • Thanks Isabella. Glad you enjoyed them. I’m sorry–I do not provide nutritional facts for my recipes.

  14. Wouldn’t that be a canneloni?

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