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Katie's Cucina


Website Features:
July 12, 2012, The Huffington Post: Rice Krispie Treat Recipes (web)
June 2012,
April 25, 2012, Orlando Sentinel: Central Florida Food Blogger Bake Sale (web/print)
February 2012, / Gourmet Live: Romantic Restaurant Recommendation
7/25/2011, Orlando Bloggers – Who They Are & Why They Blog
5/21/2011, Foodbuzz Top 9: White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse
May 2011, Athen’s Food, White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

Guest Blogger Features: 

12/7/2010, Cassoulet-Style Italian Sausages and White Beans

12/7/2010, Roasted Almond and Cream Cheese-Stuffed Green Olives

1/26/2011, Mixed Sorbets on Sweet Ginger Fried Wontons

5/3/2011, Oven Roasted Mini Bell Peppers


The Mommies A Musical Blog
5/1/2011, Mother’s Day Story-My Mama’s — Mama’s, Macaroni & Tuna Fish Salad


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