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Pomegranate Mango Bellini

Wow your guest with this easy-to-make 3-ingredient Pomegranate Mango Bellini!

pomegranate mango bellini

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve with my inlays and stayed home on Christmas day. My aunt and uncle from New Jersey came down to visit, my cousin drove up from South Florida and my parents had the day off and spent most of the day with us. It was a nice treat to have family with us on Christmas and an even nicer treat to be able to spend the entire day at home. Most of our holidays are typically busy and hectic going from house to house. Because we spent Christmas day at home I hosted brunch and Christmas dinner. I wanted to have a few cocktails with brunch since we were having a small ham, eggs, potatoes, and a fruit tart to name a few.
pomegranate mango bellini

We drink Pom Mango juice on a daily basis, and that’s when it occurred to me to make an easy Pomegranate Mango Bellini. Just three simple ingredients to make the tastiest of brunch drinks. However, you could always serve this up at your New Years Eve party or for any other occasion. If it’s not pomegranate season, don’t worry. The fresh pomegranate arils don’t make or break the drink… just a nice fancy garnish and a treat for after your guest are done sipping on their bellini. When we make this again I could see me adding in a few slices of fresh mango. Or keeping it extra simple and just using Pom Mango juice and Proseco. And if I were serving this to a large crowd I would have the champagne flutes ready and then make the drink mixture in a pitcher. Allowing for a quick and easy pour.

pomegranate mango bellini

In case your wondering what the difference is between a bellini or a mimosa (because I didn’t know the difference until I looked it up)… here is the skinny.  According to; “The classic Bellini, reputedly invented at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy, in 1948, calls for fresh white peaches, which are pureed, strained and spooned into the bottom of a chilled glass. The mimosa looks to citrus for its flavor, traditionally using orange juice for its fruit component.” Now, I’m kind of disappointed that we didn’t sip on bellini’s while in Venice, Italy a few years back. I had no idea that Venice was the home to the Bellini. Another difference between a bellini and a mimosa: “A traditional Bellini uses prosecco, a dry or extra-dry Italian sparkling wine. On the other hand, the mimosa has a French pedigree, calling for Champagne, and in many recipes, a splash of Grand Marnier cognac to accentuate the cocktail’s orange flavor.

So, whether your entertaining for brunch or a holiday party–keep it simple and make my 3-ingredient Pomegranate Mango Bellini’s!

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Pomegranate Mango Bellini

Wow your guest with this easy-to-make 3-ingredient Pomegranate Mango Bellini!

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes



  1. Place a teaspoon of fresh pomegranate arils in each champagne glass.
  2. Fill a champagne glass with 1 part Pom Mango juice, and top with prosecco (about 3-4 parts). Enjoy immediately.

*If you know you have a lot of guest that will want to partake in the signature cocktail you could prepare this in a pitcher right before serving and pour into prepared champagne glasses.

Katie Original Recipe

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post on behalf of any brands. I simply love drinking Pom Mango juice and prosecco and wanted to share my recent cocktail creation. 


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2 Responses to “Pomegranate Mango Bellini”

  1. keri @ shaken together posted on December 29, 2014 at 2:56 pm (#)

    Yes, yes and yes! This looks absolutely delicious and I have a bottle of Prosecco just waiting for NYE!!

    • Katie replied on January 7th, 2015 at 9:20 pm

      Thanks Keri!

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