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One-Pot Chili Pasta

This recipe is brought to you by Laura’s Lean Beef. As always, all opinions are my own. 

One-Pot Chili Pasta Recipe #LaurasLeanBeef

Today, I’m sharing yet another one pot pasta recipe. This time we are tackling chili. Any time I make chili I have to eat it with pasta. My husband will eat it just about any which way, but for me to consume chili it HAS to be with pasta. It’s a must.

One-Pot Chili Pasta Toddler Approved

Ryder loved this recipe—even though it’s a tad bit spicy with the jalapeno he devoured the chili pasta. The kid loves spicy food—baffles me, but I’ll take it.

For this one-pot chili pasta recipe I used Laura’s Lean Ground Beef 92% Lean 8% fat ground beef for this recipe. What I love about this ground beef is that Laura’s 92% Lean Ground Beef is so low in fat and saturated fat that it falls into the government’s “lean” category. So I don’t feel guilty about serving beef and worrying about the excess fat and saturated fat in the recipe.

One-Pot Chili Pasta

Like any good one-pot recipe I cooked the meat and veggies first and then added in the seasoning and tomatoes. After some good stirring it’s time to add in the pasta. I used a small box of elbow macaroni for this recipe. You can use any tube shaped cut of pasta for this recipe. Heck, in all actually you could use any type of pasta. If it’s a longer cut pasta like spaghetti or linguini then you’ll want to break the pasta in half, so that it fits in the skillet and can be submerged in the sauce. Remember, a big skillet is key. I love my OXO skillet—its lightweight, holds’ a lot of food, and cleans up easily. Perfect for one-pot meals.

One-Pot Chili Pasta

If you’re looking to change up the way you serve chili or just looking for an easy and quick dinner recipe give my recipe for One-Pot Chili Pasta a try. I’m sharing this recipe for one-pot chili pasta recipe on Laura’s Lean Beef Blog.

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